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Norton Antivirus Not Opening

How to Fix If Norton Antivirus not Opening Problem

Cyber security and virus protection is a top concern for many users. Norton is among the most efficient antivirus software that is available in the software market today. Navigating the internet is quite risky since just one wrong click, one mistake while downloading and your computer could be infected with a virus or your information could be stolen by hackers. Considering the importance of round the clock protection on your device it can be quite frustrating when Norton Antivirus is not working or not opening all of a sudden.

You should not wait too long when you encounter this sort of error but you should call the Norton phone number 1-866-374-7444 as soon as possible and consult an expert to see how you can resolve the problem. If may also help if you go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to try and resolve the Norton antivirus error.

Try These step below to fix Norton Antivirus not opening, not working or not Responding Error

Solution 1: Update Norton Antivirus to fix not opening or not working problem

Norton will routinely release software updates and virus definitions in order to give customers a better user experience. You can refer to the steps below to update Norton:

  • Norton Antivirus and open the Security settings
  • Connect to the internet and click ‘LiveUpdate’
  • Wait for Norton Antivirus to finish updating
  • Restart your computer and run Norton the same as before

Solution 2: Use Norton Power Eraser if Norton antivirus not opening or not responding

The Norton Power Eraser uses the insights in-the-cloud application ratings to scan your computer in order to detect and remove malware. Use the instructions below to run the Norton Power Eraser tool:

  • Download the Norton Power Eraser tool and save it on your PC
  • Double click the ‘NPE.exe’ file and run the tool
  • Read the Norton user agreement and click ‘Yes’
  • Open Norton Power Eraser window and click ‘Scan for Risk’
  • Norton will complete a Rootkit scan by default
  • Once the scan is complete make the recommended changes and restart your computer.

Solution 3: Reinstall Norton Antivirus to fix Norton Not Working or Not Responding

Often the best solution to solve any error on Norton is to simply reinstall the program from scratch. You can use the following steps to remove and reinstall Norton on your computer:

  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool.
  • Double click the ‘NRnR’ icon to run the tool.
  • Select the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ option and proceed.
  • Press ‘Remove’ and then click OK to confirm.
  • Once the program is uninstalled restart your computer and reinstall Norton using the official installation instructions.

If your Norton Antivirus software is still giving trouble even after you have reinstalled it you can call the Norton Support Number 1-866-374-7444 get the help for Norton Antivirus not opening /  not working or not responding trouble.


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