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how to reinstall Norton after system restore

Usually when the system crashes down the reason is because of malware so to remove it we have used some good antivirus softer . And many of you would have been using it and probably if you have searched on well about the antivirus then you would have choice Norton antivirus software to protect your system. So if you have had a system back to default then you will have to reinstall the software. So the question will be how to reinstall Norton after system restore ?. Apparently, you will have to not try the ways to reinstall it you just have to follow the steps.

Steps  to reinstall Norton 360 after system restore

If you are the one here to know how to reinstall Norton 360 after system restore. The steps below are simple and you can easily install it again and scan your device again.

  • Open the browser and search the Norton website and there you will find the resource 1 website.
  • In the sign in page, you will have to enter your email address and password of your Norton account and tap on sign in.
  • You have to then download the Norton software that you want to reinstall and then resource 2 must be checked for the download page
  • Then you will find a run option which you will find in the pop-up window
  • In the wizard box, you have to tap on the download file and then tap on the browser.
  • You have to choose a location where you want the Norton software to be installed.
  • In the terms and conditions agreement, just tap on agree and install.
  • Then you will find an activate now button press on it.
  • And finally, enter your email address and password and tap on done.

So using the above steps , Learn How to Reinstall Norton Antivirus After System Restore or Dial 1-866-374-7444 for more help.

Website:- www.itdialfast.com

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