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How To Stop Unwanted Emails In Gmail

Receiving emails from every site we visit is so normal and it is very irritating. So in this blog, the portion that is concentrated is of How To Stop Unwanted Emails In Gmail. Don’t worry you need not use any new software or any other unhealthy way you can do this just by few email settings.

Let me make one thing clear here you can also undo this steps. In case if you suddenly want to receive email from the particular sender then you can do it. In case if you face any issue while you are doing the steps. Then you can contact the Gmail customer Support they will provide you the solution.

Method 1 –  to fix How To Stop Unwanted Emails In Gmail

  • As soon as you reach the Gmail sign in page, log in to your account and then you have to adapt to the latest Gmail version as that will be perfect to go with the changes.
  • Go to the report spam option on the right side and you will find the Gmail bulk selection option.
  • Using the flag multiple emails option you can spam multiple senders at the same time.
  • Once you swipe them to spam or click the spam button after selecting then it is done.

Method 2- to fix How To Stop Unwanted Emails In Gmail

  • You can use the Gmail filters algorithms which will filter. and block the addresses which you can do it by going to settings.
  • Go to settings and there choose the filters and blocked addresses and then you have to identify the spam email address and then a new tab will open
  • There you have the choice of creating a new filter you can add how much ever you want.
  • The aliases and subject lines are used by the spammers to create a new filter. So you will have to use the email alias along with with your sing in the website registering arena.
  • But don’t worry there is no limit for the keywords and alias.

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