Why yahoo mail not receiving emails on how to fix it

We usually face the issue  of yahoo mail not receiving emails this is because of the few lacking issues that you face. Mainly you have to fix it with the issue by yourself. And to fix it with the issue you have to do the steps give below. It is no hard to do the steps if you properly go with the procedure.

  • Sign in your account using any browser and check whether you are able to log in or not.
  • In case if not able to log in fix it by contacting the customer service of Yahoo if even after you have had a good internet connection and also even then if you can’t sign in your yahoo account.
  • And also check your spam folder if the email is all present there.
  • The next step is that you have to update the device and also check whether the app is updated.
  • Restart the device and try out again by asking the sender to send again.
  • And if you have done with the above steps then you should try to uninstall the app else if it is window then you should uninstall the Browser and try in another browser.
  • If nothing of them works then you can check with the customer service of Yahoo. And it will work for 24 x 7 all time.
  • So these are the easy ways using which you can start getting your Emails in the Yahoo Web server. As this is the most used Email it really becomes hard for the users to face the issue and it creates disappointment for the users.
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