10 Steps To Recovery Of Your Forgotten Hotmail Or Outlook Account Password

Hotmail has changed the account recovery process multiple times this year. The Hotmail account password recovery procedure currently in available is extremely tedious and long. But no worries as always. We are here to guide you through the entire process to your account recovery. The guide to recovering your Hotmail or Outlook account is below.

Step 1

Go to the Hotmail login portal by going manually to www.hotmail.com and clicking on the sign in button.

or, by clicking HERE  and directly land to the hotmail login page.

Step 2

Enter your Hotmail or Outlook account on the box and click Next.

Step 3

Click on the forgot password button or if you have entered the wrong password. Click on the reset it now text.

Step 4

Select the I forgot my password option from the given options.

Click Next.

Step 5

Now Hotmail will ask you to do a Captcha test. Enter your email on the first box and then the text on the picture on the bottom box. If the Captcha text seems too difficult you can get a new one by clicking on the New button or get an audio format by clicking on the Audio button.

Click Next.

Step 6

Hotmail now asks for another account to get a verification code from them. Enter an email address that you currently have access to. It can be from any other email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo.

Then, click Next.

Step 7

Now, check the inbox of the email you just entered. Hotmail has sent a verification code to that email. Enter the code that Hotmail sent you to the box as shown below.

Then, click on Verify.

Step 8

  • Now try your best to guess the answers on the next two steps. Enter your first name and last name. Then enter your birth date and the location where you created your account.
  • Then Click Next.

Step 9

  • So, now try your best to remember one of the passwords you have used for your account. Enter the password 2 times on the boxes as shown. Then check, if you have used any other Microsoft services like Skype and Xbox. Then finally, check if you have purchased anything from Microsoft.
  • Click Next.

Step 10

  • The silly part is now. Try to enter the email address(es) of the accounts you have sent mails to from the account. Then try to guess the exact subjects lines of the mails you have sent to the email entered above.
  • At last, click Next.
  • Hotmail now greets you with this message.

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