I forgot my Gmail password, and cannot log in Google account. Is there any way to recover or reset the Gmail password?

I deleted my Google account. But I keep the phone number of the old Google account. Are there any recovery solutions to help me to get back the Gmail account?

Google is the one of the greatest inventions throughout the world. You can search the information that you want to know with Google. Also, Google facilitates its users by creating the Google account with a single username and password to access Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. However, the accidental password-forgot or account deletion will lead to the regret of yours.

In this page, we will discuss the solutions about Gmail(Google) recovery, Gmail account recovery and password recovery.

Part 1. Gmail(Google) password recovery

Change Gmail password – Still remember Gail password

Step 1 Sign in Gmail account with your Google username and password.

Step 2 Under “Sign-in & security”, click “Signing in to Google”.

Sign in Security

Step 3 Select “Password”, and you will need to input your password again.


Step 4 In the pop-up interface, you could type your new password for Google account. And click “CHNAGE PASSWORD” to make the changes.

Change New Password

Forgot Gmail password? Reset your password with Email or phone number

If you forgot Gmail password, but you remember the Gmail address or phone number, then you are able to reset the Gmail password.

Step 1 Go to the Google account support page.

Sign in Problem

Step 2 Follow on the instructions prompted to input your Gmail email address or security phone number to confirm the operations.

No matter which way you select to reset Gmail password, you will be also required to type your first name and last name.

Reset Password with Email

Step 3 After that, you could start to create a new password for your Google account.

Google Gmail Password recovery on 2-step verification

If you enable 2-step verification on Google, then here you will take more efforts to get the Gmail password recovery.

What you need to do is as following:

1. Enter the last password you remember.

Enter Last Password

2. Get a verification code by text or phone call at phone number (it doesn’t always offer both options).

Get Verification Code

3. Confirm the phone number you provided in our security settings.

Phone Number

4. Google will send an e-mail containing a one-time verification code to the recovery e-mail.

Send Code to Email

5. Get a prompt on your phone and tap Yes to sign in.

Phone Sign in

6. Answer the security question you added to your account.

Answer Question

7. When did you create this Google account?

Time Create Account

8. If you can, briefly tell us why you can’t access your account.

Tell why

The majority of the options are based on pre-configured information setup in the account prior to losing access. So if an option was never configured that option will not be offered. To some extent, if you set as much information as you can before, then you will get a big chance to recover your Gmail password. But you must make sure you did remember all the pre-configured information correctly.

Part 2. Gmail account recovery

If you are in one of the following situations about your Gmail account, then you come to the right place to recover your Gmail account here.

1. If you are told “Sorry, Google doesn’t recognize that email”.

2. If you do not remember the account name.

Step 1 Go to Google sign in recovery page.

Sign in Porblem

Step 2 In the pop-up interface, you can click “Find my account”.

Account Support

Step 3 You are directed to enter any recovery email or phone number associated with your account. Here we will input the email as the example.

Input Email or Phone Number

Step 4 Input the real first name and last name on the account.

Input Name

Step 5 After your input name match your account information, Google will remind you that you will get an email containing a one-time verification code. What you need to do is to enter the verification code to the email.

Input Verification Code

After that, you will receive a list of accounts that match that information and you can proceed to sign in, and you will know both the e-mail/phone and the name on the account.

Part 3. Tips of using Google account

1. Google app account

Google app accounts that not end in @gmail cannot be recovered using the standard Gmail recovery procedures. You have to contact Google Apps administrator for the domain that can reset the password allowing you to regain access.

2. How to enable 2-step verification on Google

Step 1 Go to https://myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/two-step-verification/enroll-welcome > “GET STARTED” to start the process.

2 Step Verification

Step 2 You are required to input your Gmail password to confirm the next operations. Input your phone number and select to get codes via “Text message” or “Phone call” > “Next” to proceed the steps.

Select Phone

Step 3 Your phone will receive the code via text message or call (based on the option you made just now). Input the verification code and click “NEXT”.

Input Code

Step 4 The pop-up window will remind you that if you are sure to turn on 2-step verification. Here just click “TURN ON”.

Turn on 2 Step Verification

Step 5 After that, you have completed your first step. And you will find the second step to get a Google prompt on your phone and just tap Yes to sign in instead of the verification code. Also, you can find other alternative second step set-ups (Backup codes, Google prompt, Authentication app, Backup phone and Security key). Take the one that you want to set up as you like.

Second Step Verification

3. Factor that you can control during the account recovery

For recovering the Gmail account, you can get a bigger opportunity via the following factors:

  • Past password
  • Security question
  • Creation data
  • Browser that you always use to log in Google account.
  • Physical location where you always accessed the Gmail account like home, office, etc.
  • IP Address that you always use to sign in Google account.

4. Gmail account management

From the above description, you may notice that Gmail account is very important, and all the recovery solutions are based on the real information you enroll when you create the account. So you should take care of your Google account information no matter you create or delete Gmail account.

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