[How To] Recover Forgotten Gmail Email Account Login Password With/Without Phone

Actually recovering or reset gmail email login password is so easy. People forget their passwords all the time.Recovering a Gmail account is similar to recovering a Hotmail/Outlook account. But a guide might be necessary. If you have added a phone number to your account or have turned 2 step verification on, it is much easier to recover your account. But, a secondary email address is a must to successfully recover a Gmail account. Below is a quick guide to recovering a Gmail account.

Recover Gmail Account Password in 3 Different Ways

First you need to either have access to your mobile phone or have access to your secondary email address that you entered while creating your account.

  • Reset gmail account password without Phone or Secondary Email Address

This method is a bit less reliable than other methods, but sometimes this might be the only option. First enter your email address as shown below. Then click on the forgot password button as indicated by the red arrow.

Google will now ask various security questions from which you can choose from. Now, in this condition where you do not have access to your phone or your secondary email address. Click on the try different method button until the password or the account creation option pop up. Choose any one question from these two, whichever you find suitable.

If you correctly answer any one of these questions, Google will allow you to reset your password. Then enter your new password twice on the boxes as shown below. And click on the Change password button. You can click on the eye icon to see the password that you have entered. This will help prevent typos.

  • Recover gmail.com login password with Phone or secondary email address

Recovering through this method is fairly simple. After you click on the forgot password button and get redirected to the security questionnaire page. Click on the try another method button until you get any one of the options below.

Choose any one of the options that you currently have access to. After you choose the option, gmail will now send a verification code to either your phone or the secondary email depending on the option you choose.

If you enter the code correctly, Gmail will take you to the password reset page where you can change your password as shown above. Enter a password that is strong(Having numbers and symbols) and that can be remembered easily this time.

You can login to your Gmail now. If you have followed the shown steps properly you should be able to recover your Gmail account in these ways. If there are any further issues or questions regarding this topic, feel free to comment below and let us know about them. We will try our best to solve your problems.

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