Learn Here How to Unlock Gmail Account Without Any Information

To unlock your Gmail account without a password is no hard. Actually, you may doubt it whether such a way is possible. Yes, it is possible, and for that, you should know how to unlock Gmail account and for iPhone users they should know how to unlock Gmail account on iPhone as well. This is going to be so easy when you follow the steps carefully.

  • Go to the Gmail login
  • And enter your email and then click next.
  • There you will find a page asking you for a password, and below that, you will find a link asking you try another way.
  • After you have clicked it you will find the option of entering your phone number.
  • Once you have entered it, you will get a screen blinking in your phone asking you to tap to log in.
  • If you tap it once then you can simply log in and use your account.
  • Now, there was no place where you had to enter the password to open your account.
  • You must remember one simple thing here, that is you will have to give that phone number which is already linked to your Gmail account.
  • And you can also make sure of this step taking place without a password for every time.
  • That needs to be done by going to the security in your Gmail account.

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