SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. Now, will be thinking about what is the connection of SMTP server settings with the Gmail account. What is the connection between these two and why they are needed? So, let’s clear your confusion. You will require to do Gmail SMTP server setting in case you are planning to use an email software program to send emails from your Gmail account. So, these setting are highly required if you make use of your Gmail account in synchronization with email client software. These SMTP server settings are not required when you are sending emails manually by the use of an online browser. Now if you want to know about Gmail SMTP server settings then you can scroll below to learn more about it.

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How to set up Gmail SMTP server settings?

The process to set up Gmail SMTP server settings in synchronization with Gmail is not at all difficult. Follow these simple steps to do this:

  • First of all go to the email client software.
  • Now select the outgoing mails and try to synchronize the SMTP server with your Gmail account.
  • Once done, it will show the setting as
  • Now, set your user name and password.
  • Now go to SMTP TLS section. It will enable you to send or receive message from your Gmail account by using email client software.

So, this is the process to set up Gmail SMTP server settings. If you have any doubt regarding these steps, then you can contact any reliable third-party technical support agency to solve your issues. Otherwise you will continue to have some problems in the SMTP server settings. The agency chosen must have relevant experience and exposure to handle clients’ issues. Otherwise it will be a waste of your precious time and money.

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