How to send email in Outlook: Then we will show you a mini-guide that although it may end up being something basic since it is about teaching people who do not yet know how to write, how to send email in outlook in a simple way, to optimize our time which is what in reality we always look for.

If you still have doubts, come and show you more content on how to create and log in to hotmail, nowadays Outlook.

First of all, you must take into account four axes that are directly related to this:

  • The fact of properly how to compose an email in outlook
  • Receiving the answers from them
  • Organizing the messages (this will have many variants that you will learn later perfectly with the day day) and last but not least
  • The contacts that will give life and productivity to your Hotmail email.

How to send email in Outlook

  1. First of all you must enter the homepage of and as usual enter your access data
  2. Then you must explicitly go to your inbox and of course specifically go to the button where it says “New”, and here you can notice that you can get there to start writing messages which do not have much to hide in terms of difficulty since you will feel as if you were in the text editor and documents of Office Word.
  3. But anyway, there may be many reasons why you get to send messages from your email, one of them, you can be for work reasons, which would indicate that you have to be the person who sent those emails first hand , in other cases they tend to be much more personal things, since your friends are left to send you things to email you check them and in case they need or you want to give an answer you end up sending messages from Hotmail, so since with this mini- guide how to ” how to send email from outlook“, surely you would be more than clear this aspect of online messaging.

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