It is not uncommon to forget your password, especially since we have signed up for most social media sites, different websites and mail service providers. Taking into account that using the same password for multiple sites makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Failing to set up your browser to remember your login credentials, is a sure way of forgetting one of your many passwords. This blog mainly explains how to recover yahoo password without security question.

Usually, you can easily recover Yahoo password with the security questions. However, if you forgot security question for yahoo email account, you will need to recover yahoo password using Email address or mobile number.

How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Security Question

(How to Recover It if You Forgot Yahoo Password and Security Question?)

For the convenience of email users who do not remember the answers of security question, this password recovery method has been abolished by Yahoo. Now, only two options are available to reset Yahoo password; either through recovery email address or phone number.

There are the followings steps how to recover Yahoo account without security questions:

  • Open on the specific web browser and click on Yahoo sign-in helper .
  • The first step is to provide login id of your Yahoo mail account and click on continue button.
  • Then the next slide open with the question “Do you have access to this Email address”.
  • If yes, click on the button “Yes, Send Me A Account key”.
  • Enter the verification sent to the secondary email address in the box mentioned on the screen
  • Once entered, click on the button verify.
  • You have now successfully accessed the Yahoo email account successfully.
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