iCloud requires a correct Apple ID and password in order to enjoy their service. When you realize that you have forgotten your iCloud password. It means you may lost all of the backup that restored in iCloud. Fortunately, there are at least 3 ways for you to recover your iCloud password. In this article, you can recover your iCloud password easily if you can follow the methods below. To recover iCloud password with the methods below, the basic requirement is you need to remember the certain security questions or information. Now let`s talk about how to recover forgotten iCloud password.

Method 1. How to recover forgotten iCloud password with Recovery Email?

Step 1. Head on to iforgot.apple.com from your computer or smartphone using any web browser.

Step 2. Next, enter your Apple ID which is the email address that you used to sign up and resolve the captcha and click on “Continue”.


Step 3. On the next page, click on “I need to reset my password” and select “Continue” to go on to the next page.

Step 4. Now, wait until you receive an official email from Apple containing password reset link.

Step 5. Next, you will receive an email from Apple that will look something like this:


Step 7. Enter a new password but remember it this time and confirm the changes.

Step 8. Now login to iCloud account but this time use the new password to get into your account.


If you are easy to forget password, getting a Best Password Manager App is recommended for you.  You can use it not only in iCloud password storage, but also you can recover iTunes backup password with the Best Password Manager For Iphone.

Method 2. How to recover forgotten iCloud password with Security questions?

Step 1. Go to My Apple ID (appleid.apple.com) > Forgot Apple ID or password. This time, you should to select “Answer security quetions” option.

Step 2. We assume you remember the security question details, then enter the date of your birth and click Continue > Answer the security question.

Step 3. After you have done all the questions, then you can enter a new password to reset password.


Method 3. How to recover forgotten iCloud password with double factor authentication?

Step 1. Go to iforgot.apple.com and enter your Apple ID which is the email ID associated with your iCloud account.

Step 2. Select “Continue” and input the phone number of your trusted device.


Step 3. If you don’t have access to your trusted device then you can choose “Reset from another device” to use a separate device other than your trusted device.


Step 4. Click on “Start Account Recovery” and continue with the process.

Step 5. After this use the same steps mentioned above and you should be able to reset your iCloud password successfully.

Now you have already known about how to recover iCloud security code with at least 3 free methods. It is also necessary for you to keep them into a Secure Password Storage so you won`t lose it anymore.

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