It can be very annoying when you want to open the email, and instead of doing so, you delete it. It could be quite stressful and you may think that the email is gone for good. But, Gmail is the best email service and Google will do everything to protect the users in every way possible. And in accordance with that, there are some ways to get your emails back. This guide will show you how to how to recover deleted emails in Gmail.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail

Now the question is How to recover the deleted emails in Gmail :

Method 1:

If  a very important mail is deleted in Gmail and mail is to be recovered to your Gmail account back  the most simple way is as follows:

Step 1: If you delete a mail from the Gmail account it will not get deleted permanently it will be moved to the trash box in your account.

Step 2: To open the trash box click on More option in the list given at your Gmail  account

Step 3: After clicking on the More option you can see the Trash  icon which redirects you to the trash folder

Step 4: In the trash folder we can see all the deleted emails search for the deleted emails in the inbox after finding the required email transfer it to the inbox.

Step 5:  The required email is retrieved and recovered

Method 2:

If you cant find your deleted email even in your trash folder the reason may be you have emptied the trash folder or you have clicked on “x” beside the mail. Emails that are in the Thrash folder for more than 30 days will automatically be deleted permanently. In that case you have to send a request to the Gmail support team, however, there is no 100% guaranteed of recovery of email as it may have permanently disappeared from google database.

To recover the missing email in the Gmail account you have to go to the missing email web page and give the necessary details such as email address, deleted email, whether you are currently logged in your account. with the given information the Gmail support team will try to recover your lost emails.

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