Here is the steps everyone should check how to change Outlook Signature

From time to time you might need to update an existing signature or to add a new signature for a new email account that you’ll access using Outlook. If so, proceed as following:

  1. Depending on whether you use Windows or MAC, Proceed to the Signatures dialog as shown above.
  2. Next, highlight the entry you would like to go ahead and modify. Once done, hit OK and close the open dialog.
  3. If you are on Windows, go ahead and modify the text as required.
  4. If you are on MAC OS X, hit Edit and modify your signature text; then save your changes by hitting the Disk icon.

Note: This might be a great opportunity to update your business card file (*.VCF file) and attach it to your new signature.

Other Method to change outlook signature

Adding graphics/animations and hyperlinks to your signature

You can add a personal touch to the signature by inserting picture (bmp, jpeg, png), animations (gif) and hyperlinks.

When editing your signature in both Windows and MAC versions of Outlook, you’ll find both the Insert Picture and Insert Hyperlink buttons that allow you to accomplish  exactly that.

In order to insert an image proceed as following:

  1. Open the Signatures dialog as shown above.
  2. Hit on the Insert picture icon
  3. Browse to your picture location in your PC.
  4. Select the picture file and hit OK.

We Hope above the steps how to change signature in outlook account might be helpful still if you want to know how to change outlook signature in 2013,2010,2017,2016,2018 you can dial this helpline 1-866-374-7444.

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