Why You Need of Changing Hotmail Windows Live Password

“Change your Hotmail password” regularly is a common advice

Sometimes there can be situations where you want to modify your Hotmail password regularly. That’s why People frequently can be seen searching for How to change Hotmail password. It is a good idea as it makes your account more secure than it was. By doing this no one can acquire your account password and also can’t snoop over you.

If you use a weak password and any hackers got access to your account then they can get your important details like they could snoop on your transactions or also they can monitor your private communications. You can simply change your account password by going to the account.live.com login page.

Email Accounts are Easy destination for Hacker

Hacking experts generally attack user email accounts to gain important information, because services like Hotmail are always a soft target for hackers. If, the hacker is successful to get access to your email they can harm your account in various ways. As they can use it for spam and also they can attempt to reset your account password.

Here, change password on your Hotmail can help you if you don’t want such trouble.  To make sure that nobody can get access to your email account you should change your password frequently.

How To Change Hotmail Password on Android

Change Hotmail password on Android by following the steps given here:

  • From your phone menu open your email app.
  • After it goes to menu and from menu select More.
  • Now, select account settings from here.
  • After it, select incoming settings from the list of account settings.
  • Finally, type your new password in the space provided.
  • Tap ‘Next’, and your password reset is successful.

How To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone

To change the password on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to home icons and choose settings.
  • Open Settings.
  • Look for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar and select it.
  • Accounts accessed through this device will be listed here.
  • Select Hotmail from this list.
  • Then select Account option from the page that opens.
  • Change the password from the Password field.
  • Finally, press Done.

How To Change Your Hotmail Password on PC/Laptop

Change your Windows Live Hotmail password on the system by following the steps given below:

  • Open Windows live Hotmail and go to the toolbar.
  • From toolbar choose accounts.
  • By clicking “Accounts” it will open, the list of all your email accounts.
  • Choose the email account from here, whose password you want to change, and tap it twice.
  • After it, email account’s properties will open in-front for you.
  • Here, tap “Server” tab, where Windows Live Mail stores your details.
  • Then, go to “Mail Server” section, and enter new password inside the “Password” text field and here you can’t see the text you are entering.
  • Windows Live Mail will reset your Hotmail password. But to remember your settings for the password you can choose to keep the check or uncheck the “Remember password” checkbox according to you.
  • After changing the password, select “OK” button to apply changes.
  • Finally, tap “Close” button to return.

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