To Change Gmail password: Having an email account is a necessity today, since many times you need information that can be sent to you; as well as sharing what others need. Now, once you have your email account you need to take into account some security measures; such as change Gmail password, since it is usually searched by others who want to check the account as such to obtain data that is handled in the same.

Experts in the web management recommend that every 3 or 6 months; you can make a change Gmail password, but they must also be different in all the accounts you manage; as well as those of the various social network platforms in order that there is more security in what you are going to spread; because it usually happens that there is a lot of pain and you get involved in shameful episodes before others.

Steps To Change Gmail password

  1. The first thing you must do is enter your email account, placing the access data and the current password; so that once you are inside you can do each of the steps for the change you require.
  2. Now, to change password you must go to the option of “configurations” is where you will make changes to be able to have a new password; for a prolonged period. You must click on it and it will open another window.
  3. In the new window you will find a site where it says: “Accounts and import“, there you must click and then click on the option that is displayed where it says: “change password“.
  4. There are three steps you must do in this area, you must first place the current password in the box where it indicates; you must be careful to do it correctly. Then you have to put the new password in the box where the specification is; and finally you will confirm the new password in the box below, so that both have to match, when you have done it correctly, you have to click on “Change Password”.
  5. Once you click on that icon you can close and reopen the account with the new password that you created; they are simple steps that contribute to the protection of the account as such; you must change it periodically for greater security and be less vulnerable to hackers.

Quick Tips Change Gmail password

  • To be able to change Gmail password you must think of letters and numbers that can not be quickly identified for others; since it has a negative impact on the protection of your account.
  • Never give your password to anyone; remember that in that way can reach other hands and be a victim of those who are dedicated to check accounts to get the information they seek.
  • Avoid writing the password in visible places where it can be taken to access your account; it is better if you want to have it written in a secure place where you only have access.
  • Do not let a lot of time pass with the same password in your accounts; it is better that you choose to change the password Gmail periodically to give security to your documents that you keep in the same account.
  • Do not use the same password in all accounts or in the various social network platforms that you have, it is better that you have one for each account for May security. Remember that if you investigate the password of your email and you get it they will have access to everything you have linked to it.

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