Update Solution to Fix if Google Search Engine not working

Due to some multiple browsers on your laptop or pc and application open on your mobile device this type of error could also be also happen it would be another reason also you’ll be able to see here the answer for this type of problem.

  1. Update Google App to recover google search, not the operating problem:
  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Slide the Menu from left to right and choose ‘My Apps’.
  • you’ll find multiple applications, choose Google App and tap Update.
  1. Ensure Google Apps is enabled or not to fix google search engine not working problem:
  • Open Settings from your android.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on Applications.
  • After that, choose the Application Manager. Here, you’ll get the list of applications and their status.
  • Select app google and if the disabled button is highlighted, then tap on that to change the Google App.
  1. Clear Caches of Google App to resolve google search engine not working error on android:
  • Open Settings from your android.
  • Move to the Applications section so chooses Application Manager.
  • Tap on ‘All’ set at the highest of the page to look at the whole list of the applications.
  • Select app google, scroll down the page and tap on Clear Caches.
  1. Restart device to mend google search has stopped working issue:
  • Close all the applications by sound on the soft keys on the device.
  • Press the power button so tap on Restart.
  • When finishing the method, check the Google gismo.

The above-said ways can resolve your problems. Hence, bear the whole method in a very sequential manner and check that to perform the process in an acceptable way

The users can dial the helpline variety to get help if the user faces some problems whereas resolving the matter of google search engine is not working or responding.

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