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Google is an American company that provides Internet-related services and products. The services provided by google include online advertising, search engine, software and hardware. Google is one of the best search engines of the world. Google has made it very easy for all users to search anything related to any issue. Google allows user to know about any issue either it is related to education, politics, history etc.

Google play an important role in making the information more accessible to everyone living on this planet. Google has made the accessibility of information easier, convenient.

Apart from being one of the best search engine Google also provide other services which are as follow:-

· Gmail, which an email service provided by the Google.

· Google voice.

· Google news which keeps you update about the things which are going around the world.

· Google photos are another fabulous service by Google which keeps your beautiful moments with your loved ones.

· Google drive free your device by saving your important documents on Google cloud storage.

· Google map is one of the best services provided by the Google. It allow user to reach anywhere in the world hassle free.

Google is one of the best services provided because the company know the needs of its customer and don’t leave any stone upturned to meet the requirements of its customer. To help its customer Google have following phone numbers.

  • Google Customer Service phone number
  • Google Phone Number

Google has a team of very experienced person at the Google customer service phone number. The executives of these teams are very much professional and do their work in best possible way. The main work of these personnel is to help the users in solving their problems. Google customer service phone number is available 24/7. For more better and hassle free service, google has introduced Google phone number so that the executives can help the customers in most efficient way. Google phone number is actually an alternative to Google customer support number.

How Google customer service works

Let’s take a look at the ways Google deals with a huge number of customers. Before we start, we should stop and think what “Google customer service” really means. Over the years, the services provided by Google added up to this huge pile of interlinking elements. This is why the Google customer service page is divided according to different tools and services. On the page, you can find information about Google Search, Gmail, YouTube but also AdWords or Google Analytics. And the list goes on and on. Since Google handles a lot of personal and private data, there’s a section dedicated to privacy available on the page.

You can reach the actual help page by going to the Google Help Center, which is the knowledge base the customer service page leads to. In the Help Center, all of the services have been listed in three categories: Consumer, Business and Developer. Similar to Facebook customer service, there’s also a community forum available for the more exotic cases.

Google Customer Service

Google Photos Technical Support and Information number troubleshoot issues online

Phone Number:+1 866-374-7444

Working Hour: 24/7 technical support and 90 days email reply


Contact Google Support: Welcome to the Google Photos Help Center

Google Photos Help Forum:

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How do I move Google photos to iPhone camera roll?

If not done yet, start by installing the Google Photos app on your iPhone (iOS 9).

To download pictures and videos from Google Photos to your iPhone camera roll:

  1. Open the Google Photos app
  2. Select the desired pictures and videos
    1. Tap and hold on multiple dates
    2. Tap on a picture and swipe your finger across the screen to select multiple contiguous pictures and videos
  3. Tap on the share icon (square with upward facing arrow)
  4. Tap on the button “Save x Images”

Please note that your iPhone needs to have enough available storage to accommodate the download.

At this point, you will have two copies of your pictures and videos, the first in Google Photos and the second on your iPhone.

Unless you’d like to stop paying for Google storage, I’d advise you to keep all your photos in Google Photos as this can act as a useful backup.

In fact, if you’d like to safeguard the pictures you take with your iPhone, then I’d recommend to activate the automatic backup option in Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photos app
  2. Tap on the three horizontal line near the search bar
  3. Tap on “Settings”
  4. Tap on “Backup & Sync”
  5. Toggle on the “Backup & sync” option

How to setup Google Photos?

If you willing to use the services of Google Photos then firstly you will need to get the setup done in an effective manner. Google photos tech support number is an effective procedure to get the issue resolved by consulting the certified technicians. Such type of issue can also be by following the technical procedure which is mentioned down below.

Steps to setup Google Photos:

Step 1: Users can firstly open Google Photos and then they can sign in to their Google account.
Step 2: Users can next choose desired quality settings and then they can simply wait for their photos to sync.
Step 3: Users can now get the things started and get uninterrupted services.

How to recover Google Photos?

Users can follow the same procedure to recover the Google Photos as they have been doing to get My Pictures from Google Photos. In case they didn’t get the above mentioned procedure then they can simply dial the 24/7 Google photos toll free number to get one stop solution for the underlying issue and error.

Get Instant Support Help Through Google Photos Support Number

If you want to share your photos through Google photos then first you must have to  login with google Photos. If you are getting any trouble while sharing photos then you may dial Google Photos Support Phone Number. You will get immediate support through Google technician. They will renders you best guidance. For sharing google photos, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all you need to select a photo by pressing then you need to drag it over the photos which you want to share.
  2. You need to go at the bottom and click on the share icon then create link.
  3. Now you can message or email application to send your photos  someone and link which you have copied.
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