Fix Your Google Problems Now If Not Working or Responding anymore

The world is at apocalypse if the Google suddenly stops working on your Android or iPhones. Google Chrome is the conglomerate of the web browsers.  Did you find that your Google is crashing, freezing and not even loading sometimes? If you have been experiencing these problems with the chrome, then you have reached the right place.

google not working

You need not require advanced knowledge to fix google not working or responding anymore. Follow these simple instructions and get it going right now.

1.Restart your phone to fix google not working or responding: You must press and hold the power button for few seconds and click on the Restart option. If there is no option in your phone, you must press and hold the power button for 30 seconds continuously.

2.Update your phone to fix google not working or responding:You must also ensure whether your phone is updated. Sometimes your Google may not work because systems are not updated. Hence update the Android or iPhone OS for the smooth functioning of the chrome on your mobiles.

Go to phone settings> system> advanced > system update. Follow the update instructions and restart the phone after the system update.

3.Update the apps in the Google play store to fix google not working or responding: Open the Google plays store and click onMy apps and Games. If there is an update available tap update. If there are updates for many apps connect to Wi-Fi and tap update all.

4.Clear Cache to fix google not working or responding: Cache is the memory of temporary files stored in your mobiles. Due to a lot of cookies available over the internet this cache files may not allow the Google to launch properly. This could be a short-term solution. To clear the cache, you must go to settings and find apps and notifications. By selecting which select google chrome and in storage, you can clear the cache.

Settings>Apps&Notifications>Google Chrome>Storage>Clear Cache

5.Clear Storage to fix google not working or responding: Sometimes due to overrunning of all the apps in your mobile may lead to the destruction of Google sites. In that case, you might have to clear the data by selecting

Settings>Apps&Notifications> Storage>Clear Storage (Or) Clear Data>OK

If you can solve the Google issue with the instruction provided above you may work efficiently with the Google but even otherwise if the problem persists you may have to take it the service centers and even virtual centers are available with Google.

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