For most time, Google Drive works pretty to sync, backup and share files, such as photos, videos, and Microsoft Office documents. But have you seen some errors occurred, like edited file won’t sync, shared documents doesn’t appear for others, and forcing you to a restriction page? If yes, this article would help you fix Google Drive which is not working.

Step 1 Check Android Working Condition

Google Drive works when your device is connected to Internet. This required you to check the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data on your Android phone. Then connect the device to Wi-Fi hotspot or turn on cellular.

Connect Android to Wi-Fi 

Step 2 Restart Google Drive
If your Android phone is connect to an available Internet access but still fails to sync/backup/share files, etc, try to quit and restart the app on your Android phone.

If you are using Google Drive with your Chrome browser, reset any settings of the Chrome. For example, reset your home page, clear cookies and cache, disable extensions/add-ons/plug-ins. Still non-working? Try a different browser app.

Restart Google Drive 

Step 3 Reinstall Google Drive
If it still not working, you will need to reinstall the app. Follow this path: uninstall Google Drive from your Android > restart your phone > download the app from Google > install the new app.

Reinstall Google Drive 

Step 4 Search for Solutions
Go to Google’s App Status Dashboard and see if there is an outage of the app. If so, await a fix. And you can go to public Google Drive Help pages to find solutions of your issue.

Have you successfully fixed the non-working Google Drive app? If so, congratulations! You can backup files, sync data, and share documents now!

What will you do if Google Drive Not Loading

7 Tips to Fix Google Drive Not Loading Problem

Will your Google Drive not load? It’s a surprisingly common problem. The good news is that it can be solved relatively easily, and we give you some helpful tips here. Soon, your Google Drive will be functioning again and you’ll be able to upload your files and folders.

Is your Google Drive not loading? You’re not alone. In fact, lots of people seem to have this problem quite frequently. It can be very problematic if you’re having difficulty in loading your Google Drive, especially when you’re trying to upload an urgent file or access documents remotely.

The good news is that the Google Drive not loading error can be resolved. Here in the article, we offer you the possible solutions to help you fix the problem so you can get back to business.

Basic Tips to Fix Google Drive Not Loading Error

Tip 1. Open your Chrome browser and clear the caches and cookies.

Tip 2. Ensure that both the browser and operating system are currently running on their latest version. If not, update them.

Tip 3. Disable the browser’s plugins or extensions.

Tip 4. Reset your Google Chrome browser’s settings.

Tip 5. Try another browser to see either problem in the browser or in Google Drive.

Tip 6. Try an incognito or private window to open Google Drive.

What Will You Do If Google Drive Not Syncing on Windows 10

Issue: How to Fix Google Drive Syncing Problems in Windows 10?

Google Drive fails to sync in Windows 10. Everything worked fine in Windows 8 before upgrading. Any ideas?

Google Drive remains the leader of cloud storage service from the beginning of its release. Even though there are lots of competing online storage services, Google offers an excellent relation between security, services and free space obtainment, which is why it does not leave the leading positions. However, sometimes even the best things fail to stand out the purpose, and Google Drive is not an exception. Quite many people have reported that Google Drive won’t sync in Windows 10. This issue springs up on Windows 10 systems that have recently been upgraded from the earlier versions, usually Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, the reason why this is Google Drive fails to sync in Windows 10 is not clear, but to fix that, you can try a couple of things.

Option 1. Disable antivirus and Windows Firewall

In many cases, antivirus programs and Windows Firewall blocks the syncing. Therefore, to fix broken sync with Google Drive in Windows 10 try to disable your antivirus and turn off Windows Firewall. For this purpose, you have to:

  • Right-click Win key and go to Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security and click on Windows Firewall.
  • Then, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off option and set it to Off.
  • Once done, find the icon of your antivirus in the notifications area.
  • Right-click it and disable it.
  • To check if it has been disabled completely, click Ctrl + Shift + ESC and look for the related processes on the Task Manager. If there are any, click on each of them and select End Task.
  • Reboot the PC.

If Google Drive fails to sync, after all, try to reinstall it.

Option 2. Reinstall Google Drive

To reset Google Drive’s services, you should reinstall it completely. For this purpose, you have to:

  • Close Google Drive and log out of your account.
  • After that, right-click on the Win key and select Control Panel.
  • On the Add/Remove programs list, find Google Drive, click it, and select Uninstall.
  • Navigate to the local storage and rename Google Drive folder.
  • After that, go to the Play Store or another legitimate download source and download the latest Google Drive’s version.

Hopefully, syncing is now working properly. If not, you may also try to install the older version of Google Drive. You just have to perform the same steps as listed above except finding the previous version of the cloud.

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