Before Going to Check Google Account Password Recovery Process you must check some Tips

If your Google account has been disabled for more than 30 days then Google may have deleted it from the server. This means that the account is likely irretrievable and you should read this Information as you know sometime your shaw that account hacked due to some security concern if you don’t have two step verification your google account may be hacked security and safety today world acquire by everyone many data and files are stored on google account on your inbox, google drive, google docs of excel sheet as you wish to want to shave so that you must know how to recover your google account through various recovery process those are mention below:

Google account recovery

Before you start the recovery process, there are a few things you can do to help the Google Account recovery process go more smoothly.

1. Make sure you’re not in an unusual geographic location. For example, don’t start the recovery process if you’re in a different city or country unless it’s absolutely necessary.

2.Initiate the process from a computer you use regularly. This isn’t the time to try out your new tablet.

3.Use the same browser as you normally use to access Google services.

Check now the google account password recovery steps with various method

Google Account Password Recovery By Phone Number

To recover google account by phone number follow the mention below steps these are not typical very easy to understand

  • First Of All To recover Google account fo to this link ( Google account recovery page)
  • Then Select i don’t know my password option
  • Enter the email address you use to sign in to Google and click Continue.
  • Before Doing this process if you google account have linked up with recovery phone number you must send the code by click option mention there.
  • You will get a Google verification code on your phone number you have to put up this verification code on given text box on your screen
  • You can now easily generate a new password by this simple process either you can do this by security code answer
  • This Google Account Recovery Process by Phone Number or Phone Call work well just try at least once either contact mention helpline number number here.

Google Account Password Recovery By Alternate Email Address

If you can’t access your account, your best option will be to use the Google account recovery form,
For more information on account recovery, take a look at these sites, which will help to explain the process.

To get started recovering your Google account, follow these steps:

  • Visit the google account recovery page.
  • Enter your username.
  • Click Continue.
  • To prove you’re not a robot, type the squiggly letters in the picture.
  • Click Submit.

Recover your Google account by email

  • Choose the button that says “Email to…” and contains the address you’d like to use to receive your recovery mail. Make sure you’ll have continued access to that account (we recommend not using a work or school address).
  • We’ll automatically send an email to that address.
  • Sign in to that account and follow the instructions in the email.
  • If you don’t get the email, check your spam or Bulk Mail folders for a message from
  • Above Google account recovery by email might be helpful

Google Account Password Recovery Without Phone Number

This Option used when there is no other option such as you don’t have setup a recovery phone number or email address then without phone number or email address you can also recover your google account by following method:

  • Open a web browser on your Android device
  • Type the given link [] and enter it
  • Enter your [Gmail ID address] on [Google Account support Page]
  • Press the [Forgot Password] button to open the security questionnaire
  • A recovery option will appear. It will be with duo recovery modes; i.e., password recovery by recovery phone number and password recovery by recovery
  • Email address. We suggest you skip it
  • The questionnaire page will appear now
  • It will prompt you to answer some questions related to the lost Gmail account
  • You may have to enter the month and year of your Gmail account formation
  • Or, you may need to enter the last login password in your mind
  • A group of correct answers will enable you to set a new password

If you keep trying to reset the recover the account, you eventually find an option where you request a recover from google. Another option is to call whoever has your current phone number now (even if its a stranger) and ask them to tell you what the reset code is once you ask it to be texted.

Google offers a variety of options for recovery, including email, text message and answering difficult security questions in order to verify your identity if you have lost access to your recovery email and/or phone number. Visit the Google Account recovery options page and click the option for “How to use your existing account recovery options in the event you’re unable to log into your account” for additional info.

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