Gmail has certain limits in situ and you simply send or receive a limited variety of emails per day. The daily limits are 2000 email messages for Gmail account and 500 for consumer Gmail accounts.

It is necessary to know that Gmail sending email limits are per user and are shared by all of the user’s email purchasers, as well as internet apps, software programs, SMTP purchasers and add-ons that would be sending emails through your Gmail account.

The daily sending limit is even lower – 100 total recipients per day – if you’re using Microsoft Exchange or any non-Google SMTP service for routing messages through Gmail email servers. Let’s get to the point for fixing Gmail not sending emails issue.

Your Message was not Sent:

If you get a bounced email with the message saying “An error occurred, your message was not sent” or “You have reached a limit for sending email, your message wasn’t sent” – it indicates that you simply have reached the Gmail sending limit for the day. and that’s why it is showing an issue of Gmail not sending emails.

There’s no workaround to the current problem and you’ll get to wait till Gmail resets your email quota. once the quota is reset, you’ll resend the message to identify recipients and that they should be delivered as normal.

Your messages can even bounce if you’re sending too several emails to non-existent email addresses. it’s so necessary to clean up your mailing lists and take away invalid email addresses before running another Mail Merge campaign.

Message Rejected:

This happens once Gmail classifies your outgoing email message as spam. This happens once you have spam text within the message body or if you have got a large variety of recipients in the CC or BCC list & you are showing issues Gmail not sending emails

So if you want to fix gmail not sending emails you can fix it online through 1- 866- 235- 4333 step wise solution can find if Your Gmail not sending email.

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