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As every human now these days well known the Gmail is the most user friendly emailing platform provide by Google which is always available to offer best featured mailing services over the world. Every user who wants to attain the services of Gmail can easily login into the Gmail account without any trouble. But many a times, users of Gmail face problem with their account, as in they are unable to sign in into their Gmail account. For this, they require immediate help from professionals.

If you are a Gmail user, facing the challenges of Gmail account recovery. Such a need can arise when you have forgotten your Gmail account password and still need to sign in. Any user can forget his or her Gmail account password due to several reasons. For instance, if you have not used a Gmail account for a long time, you may forget it. Also, if you have kept yourself signed in to your Gmail account for some time, you can forget the password. Regardless of the reason, when you have forgotten Gmail credentials, it can be a frustration for you no worry for Gmail account recovery problems there are always available support and solution by Google Live Chat Support either here we are providing the solution for Gmail account recovery

Solution for Gmail Account Recovery By the Verified Professionals

  • First of all please open gmail.com
  • After that just below the signing in options
  • Go to I have trouble in signing in
  • You can then select I can’t access my account option
  • You will be required to fill the details
  • You can select your option there
  • You need to enter when last time you visited the email account
  • Select accordingly
  • You will be asked to enter alternate email id
  • A recovery code will be sent at that particular email id
  • A recovery code for google account will be sent at that particular email id
  • You can mention that and reset your password to access your Gmail account.

Sometimes, it is also the reason, that users have forgotten their password, due to which they are not able to sign in into their Gmail account, so at that time users need to go for Gmail account recovery services from our professional’s team.

Another Option Gmail Account Recovery By Security Question

  • At first visit Google support team
  • Now in the list showing common troubles
  • Just choose the “I forgot my username” option in order to confirm the one that you have to handle.
  • After that recover Gmail
  • You will be presented to a new screen
  • Now choose the “Yes” option in the question
  • After that recover Gmail account
  • When you have finished your previous step
  • A long text will appear saying Reset Gmail password if you don’t remember security questions
  • Navigate to the Google Account Recovery page
  • Enter the username you use for accessing Gmail account
  • Click on submit option
  • Now click the box next to “confirm access to my recovery email”
  • Click on continue
  • Navigate to the Google Account Recovery page
  • Now enter the username you can to access your Gmail account
  • Click on submit
  • Click on the box next to “Get a verification code on my phone”
  • Select whether you want to receive an automated voice message or a text message.
  • Click on “Continue option.”
  • Now enter the verification code that Google sends to your phone in the field provided
  • After that click on “Continue” to reset your password.
  • Reset it
  • Access back your account

These essential steps will help you for gmail account recovery by security question If you have any query or if you face any problem to recover gmail account , you can depend upon us. We assist you in the best possible manner with the help of gmail helpline number.

Conclusion : So that if you facing the situation gmail account recovery you can read the above steps here either you can dial Gmail account recovery phone number 1-866-374-7444.

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