Forgot AOL Password How to Reset or Recover AOL Password

Have you forgotten your AOL Password then no issue let us see how can you recover or rest the forgot AOL Password. Steps to reset AOL Password are:

  • Enter your username, and visit the AOL sign in page
  • Click next, and then select forgot my password

Then you will be required to verify information on your file for your account before your reset your forgot aol password. Thus the verification options that are available are related on the what recovery information’s are related to your account. Thus, if in case you have followed all the steps for the verification method and is not able to still it as an option then you are required to use other options to reset your forgotten AOL Password.

  • Send a verification code to your mentioned recovery phone number
  • Send a verification code to your mentioned recovery mail address
  • Verify the Account Security question and other profile information’s

You would get to see linked accounts with your registered mobile number and email address and thus receive the verification code in order to prove that this is your account. Unfortunately, if you are not able to see your accounts amongst the mentioned usernames, it states that the mobile number and email id you mentioned are not linked to your account.

Thus it is necessary to create a strong password. So, here are few guidelines that would help one to create a strong password:

  • Enter a unique password – avoid using common words, use of new and unique words
  • Use of more characters like 12 to 13 – longer the password, the more secure it is
  • Avoid any kind of sequence or use of repetitive characters – that does not use the adjacent character on your keyboard
  • Try using a different password for different social sites – because due to the leak of one password your other account passwords can be hacked easily
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