Now there are two ways you can verify your Google account:  2 step verification steps

If you are like most people, you loathe having your email account being hacked into because this gives hackers the opportunity to send people on your mailing list annoying spam.  At best you will annoy these people, and at worse, you can be reported to legal agencies for offensive email content. If you use gmail, you are in luck because you can now protect your email account by setting up a two step (2-step)verification for your Google account!

The two step verification process is vital in keeping your account secure because it offers an extra layer of security.  Any would be hackers would need to know your password and have access to your cell phone in order to access your account with the two step verification process.  You set up this two step verification for your Google account by following these steps:

  • Open the two-step verification page
  • Click on the “Getting started” button.  
    • Log into your Google account
    • Reenter your password.  
    • Add your mobile number
    • Select either the text message or phone call option to complete the process.
    • Click on the try it button to send the command.
  • Google will then send you a verification code which you enter into the appropriate field,
  • Click the “next” button.  
  • Lastly, you click on the turn on option to enable the two step verification process.

You have now protected your Gmail and Google account.  This is a process that anyone can follow by simply googling the words, “How to set up a two-step verification for your Google account!”

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