Easy 8 Steps To Create Microsoft Hotmail Account | Sign up Hotmail Account

Getting Started with Hotmail Signup

  • Signing up for a new hotmail account for any email service can be tricky business but we are here to guide you step by step to create your very own hotmail sign in account. Microsoft also allows users to use Online versions of MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote and Skype from your Hotmail account.
  • First, go to www.hotmail.com and click on the Create account button on the top right corner or you can directly go to the sign up portal. Or, Click on the link below : https://www.outlook.com/
  • Below are 8 steps to guide you through the hotmail sign up process.

8 Steps to Hotmail Sign up Sign in

Step 1

After you have sussessfully logged in to the outlook website you can see welcome page of Outlook Sign in or Create new account options. Since you don’t have an Outlook account, you need to click on to the Create account option from the upper right corner. Enter your new hotmail Email address on the box and click “Next”

Please make sure that your email address does not have spaces.
It is better to have numbers in your email address for better security.
Also choose an email address email address that you can remember easily.

Step 2

Select Hotmail from the drop down arrow in the dialog box and click “Next”

Step 3

Creating your hotmail password. Make sure to enter a tough password to keep your account secure. You can change the Password of your Outlook’s account later on.
It is recommended to have a Hotmail Password that is longer than 8 characters and with numbers.
(For example DreamTheater1992)

Untick on the Microsoft promotional emails option to avoid Spam, and click “Next”

Step 4

Now enter your First name and Last name on the boxes.

Then click “Next”

Step 5

Enter your country and your Birth date on the boxes.

Click “Next”

Step 6

Then you will be greeted by this screen. 
click on the arrow to proceed the customization process.

Select your language of preference and your time zone in the drop down list.

Then click on the arrow again.

Step 7

Hotmail allows you to change your mail theme from the options given.

Now, click on the arrow.

Step 8

Hotmail also allows you to have your own signature that is automatically entered at the end of your mails.
You can choose from the options given.

You may also create a custom signature from the options. Or you may also turn it off completely.
(This allows you to change the font, font size and also emphasis by selecting the bold, italics or underline option(s). )

Now the sign up process is complete.  You have just created your own new Hotmail Account or we can say Outlook account. Hotmail login is simple if you follow above steps. 

If you do not like the look of the new Hotmail sign in interface. You can revert to the older mail version by clicking on the tab here.

We hope that our guide has been helpful to you in creating a Hotmail account.

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