Safari Not Working,Responding? Here’s How To Fix Browser Problems of loading On iPhone And Mac

iPhone and Mac users worldwide are reporting Safari is not working, responding and crashing on mac and iphone whenever they try to enter something in the search bar. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for these browser problems, and it has everything to do with turning off the Safari Suggestions option in the settings menu.

Mac Safari users may occasionally experience an issue where the web browser becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time, usually accompanied by the appearance of the spinning multi-color beach ball cursor. With a little digging under the hood, this almost always corresponds with the appearance of “Safari Web Process (Not Responding/Not working/Not Loading )” showing up in Activity Monitor in MacOS and Mac OS X.

Safari not working/responding/loading

To turn off the Safari Suggestions option and make Safari work again on your iPhone, navigate to the Settings app before clicking into the Safari menu option, which should be the second to last option in the fifth cluster down. Then, simply click on the green toggle button to turn off the Safari Suggestions option.

  • Choose Preferences from the Safari menu.
  • Select an extension from the list by clicking on the extension icon.

Press Enter on the Enable Button Checkbox to turn off Mac extension.

Check your safari browser work after the deselection the enable checkbox, if safari not working your responsibility to deselect the checkbox of another extension now make sure if safari browser is working or if not working please deselect one by one checkbox to make sure your all extension has been switch off or not to remove this trouble using extension

  1. Please make sure your type of internet plugin and add ons due to which problem are facing again again go through the follow instruction
  2. Shut down or turn off your Safari.
  3. Please open the these library folders:
  4. Top level of hard drive located folder library you have to open now
  5. Open the Library folder from hard drive.
  6. Open the folder from Finder:
  • Select the option on Go.
  • Now you will click on Go to Folder
  • Press or Type /Library.
  • Press on Go option

You can check out these folders in library folder for add on. if safari not responding/working then you need to transfer any these files which are pointed within these library folder to the trash.

Check if Safari not Responding/Loading Error

Please check now again If the Problem of safari not responding/Loading

You need to turn off your safari browser again after find the resolution to delete the files from library folder and select again files until these files occurring the safari not responding/working error to be found:

First of all please Open  your Trash.

The you need to select one of these files to delete in the trash folder

  • Select the  File.
  • Now choose Put back.

The files return to its original folder.

3. Open Safari and check out if the issue has stopped occurring or not :

Still safari not working/responding.loading error occurs again because you have already point out the add on causing the error. Now Please avoid all these solution and need to update your latest version of safari
Kindly contact at 1-866-374-7444 to get resolution of safari not working or responding on iphone and mac.

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