What is AOL Desktop:

AOL Desktop is a central tool to access all the services offered by AOL Inc. such as- emails, chat, search etc. when it’s working as a browser; also it works as an email consumer software system on the other hand. So in other words, we are able to say AOL desktop is a simple panel to organize and execute the AOL services. If we talk about types of AOL desktop software system available in the market, there are 2 kinds of software.

The first one is “AOL desktop regular version”. that may be a free software tool for each AOL users. however, there’s no official support for this software system. While another version is known as AOL gold, that’s a premium version of AOL desktop software. you can use this software once paying $4.99 per month. If you’re facing any problem with AOL desktop gold, you may claim for support from AOL directly.

If you would like to try, you’ll be able to get AOL gold desktop on a trial basis. if you think that it is great for you, you can join gold membership later.

Is your AOL Desktop Not Working don’t worry in this article we are going through similar issues. Read this article, and follow the steps.

How to Fix Aol Desktop Not Working:

Each time, once they try to open this software, they get “AOL Desktop Not Working Message”. If you’re also one user, who is having AOL Desktop Not Responding problem?

Follow the instructions given below.

Talking regarding the root reason behind this, this problem sometimes comes due to the following problems.

  • The software is outdated.
  • Compatibility problems.
  • Internet connection issue.

Now we all know the reason for AOL Desktop Not Responding problem. therefore it’s a time to go ahead and troubleshoot the problem now.

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